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A Sample of My Work


Abstract with Eyes

Source of Light   Pat and Dennis Abstract with Eyes Apparition


Portrait of Amy Cappellazzo

Unknown Phenomenon   Man Making the Moon Portrait of Amy Cappellazzo Masculine Mystique


Yellow Nude

Self-Portrait   Image 5850 Yellow Nude Image 5851

  If there is anything certain about art it is that nothing is certain regarding art, nothing is fixed - not a definition, nor an approach. Art is subjective, and it varies not only from individual artist to individual, but through the ages (some periods in history took the romanticist's approach, while others took a classical approach, and there is symbolism, and there is decorative art, there was the baroque look, and later there was impressionism, and still later, abstract art, and so on...). There is no agreement as to what is art, and to the various questions that arise out of that. Personally, I'll settle for an attractive image, something that intrigues and perhaps challenges; if it's beautiful, fine; if it's not...perhaps it's best that it is not beautiful. If it is enigmatic, that's fine; if it stays in the mind of the viewer, that's fine. Ultimately, as has been said many times, "it's all in the eye of the beholder". I might add that these paintings are for sale.

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